Points | Explanation


Understanding points and how to use them.

Point breakdown -

10 Points for registering to NLG Community

10 Points for activating account

10 Points updating profile information (1 time per year)

2 Points for getting a follower

2 Points for inviting someone to join a group

1 Point for daily visits to NLG Community (1 time per day)

1 Point for publishing an activity post (1 time per day)

2 Points for sending a email invitation - Must be valid email

15 Points for account activation from email invite

Exchange points for tickets! 100 points will get you 1 ticket. Tickets can be used as entries in raffles or to win some cool prizes!

Points exchange

You need to login to perform any exchange.

Gift points

You need to log in to make a transfer.

50 Points Pack


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